08/20/2013 03:50 pm ET

Broken iMac Prank Is An Apple Gadget Lover's Nightmare (VIDEO)

If you've ever had the misfortune of dropping your iPhone on its face, you may be familiar with the sickening sound the glass screen makes as it shatters. Yep, it's certainly cringeworthy -- and it's an Apple gadget lover's nightmare.

Now, imagine how you'd feel if you dropped a brand-new iMac in front of a crowd of strangers as you carried the pricey machine through a shopping mall. It's a horror we wouldn't wish on our worst enemy, but it's exactly what makes this new prank by jokesters at YouTube channel AmesomenessTV quite so … well, awesome.

In the video above, watch as the pranksters trick shoppers into believing that they've broken thousands of dollars' worth of Apple products. The reactions are, as you'd imagine, pure gold.

But, don't be alarmed: According to Mashable, no actual iMacs were harmed in the shooting of this viral clip. The YouTube tricksters are said to have dropped iMac boxes filled with broken glass. Phew!



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