'Major Crimes' Finale: Letters To Rusty Could Tear Him And Raydor Apart (VIDEO)

The build-up to the reveal of who was writing those menacing letters to Rusty all season -- continues on "Major Crimes." While not as controversial as the first season finale of "The Killing" not revealing Rosie Larsen's killer, this lack of resolution still created some distress among fans, including TV Fanatic's Carissa Pavlica. Plus, this was only the mid-season finale, so it's not too surprising that they'd want to wait on that reveal.

This didn't mean that there weren't any developments on the letter front. Rios found out about them, which could jeopardize Rusty's future with Raydor. Rusty feared that Rios would put him in witness protection if she found out about the letters.

Rusty was pulled out of school and brought in. When he passed Raydor in the hall, and saw the stack of letters in her hands, he knew what it was about. "Whatever happens next, know I love you," Raydor told him.

Zap2It's Billy Miles found the closing scene “heartbreaking, if frustratingly short.” He wrote, “We have to wait until November to find out exactly what did happen in there. Except -- that wasn't the end. We get one final look at the gloved writer as he writes his next creepy note. Only this time, it's not ‘Dear Rusty.’ It's ‘Dear Sharon.’ Uh oh. Is it November yet?”

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