08/21/2013 05:37 pm ET

Angel Faces Retreat Empowers Teen Girl Burn Victims (VIDEO)

Whether it's a bout of acne or your typical adolescent awkwardness, it's safe to say that almost every teen faces some kind of insecurity during their high school years. But for a group of teen girl burn victims, seeking self-acceptance can be a bit more challenging.

Thanks to Angel Faces, a nonprofit organization in Southern California that designs retreats and programs dedicated to supporting young girls with burn and trauma injuries, these teens are given the confidence to see past their scars.

Through sharing their personal stories with each other and learning strategies to deal with societal stigmas, the girls leave the Angel Faces retreat feeling empowered.

"If there was a girl who had self-esteem issues, I would tell her, 'Be your gorgeous self and don't care what other people think,' said Angel Faces participant Zebonie Lopez. Watch in the inspiring video above.

"Burns or not, wherever you go, people are going to stare. People are going to ask stupid questions and unwanted questions," explained participant Lex Hollingsworth. "Just think of the positive. Because if you think positive, positive things will come."

We couldn't agree more.

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