08/21/2013 09:04 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Burning Man Drone Summit Sets Guidelines For Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Seriously)


We've seen them delivering tacos, assisting in wedding proposals and taking unbelievable overhead videos.

But when Burning Man holds a "Drone Summit," we know the drone craze has gone overboard.

burning man festival

Responding to concerns about drone-mounted video cameras disrupting participants at the 2012 festival, Burning Man organizers hosted a summit and released a set of guidelines.

"You may have noticed a proliferation of drones (those zippy little helicopter gizmos) humming around the skies of Black Rock City in recent years," wrote organizers in a release. "Well, now that there's so many of them, let's make sure we're all droning safely and in a coordinated way to avoid any mishaps, shall we?"

Organizers then released a set of best practices modeled after safety guidelines developed by the Academy of Model Aeronautics. Though the complete list is extensive, here are a few highlights:

• All UAVs carrying cameras will register with Media Mecca and each UAV will carry a unique registration number on a small decal on the vehicle.

• Operators will avoid flying over crowds and populated areas.

• Operators will avoid flying during the Temple burn.

• No flying near the Black Rock City airport or helipads.

• No flying near the Man any time Saturday the day of the burn.

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