08/21/2013 04:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

If Male Republicans Were Barbie Dolls (PICTURES)

For some reason, male Republicans are obsessed with nicknaming their female political opponents with the nickname "Barbie." The latest target is Texas Democrat Wendy Davis, the Texas state senator who rose to national prominence after filibustering a radical abortion-curbing bill.

Conservative pundit Erick Erickson was the first to call Davis "Abortion Barbie," a nickname that manages to be both misogynistic and painfully stupid. Then came Greg Abbott, a Republican who may run against Davis for governor, who thanked a Twitter follower who referred to Davis as "Retard Barbie."

Why should the Barbie nickname be limited only to female politicians, though? This is 2013. We thought it was high time for their male counterparts to get the comparisons to the doll that they deserve. Mattel, we have some ideas for you.

doll rick perry

benghazi rand paul

canadian ted cruz

tanning john boehner

john mccain barbie



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