08/21/2013 05:03 pm ET

'Justified' Producer Dave Andron On How Elmore Leonard Influenced The Series (VIDEO)

The death of famed crime novelist Elmore Leonard is weighing heavily on the hearts of the team behind "Justified," the FX drama series based on Leonard's 2001 story "Fire In The Hole."

Dave Andron, co-executive producer and writer for "Justified," joined HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri to discuss how Leonard's death has affected the show's creative team, including series creator Graham Yost.

"Graham particularly took it hard. He had spent the most time with Elmore over the years," Andron said. "But yesterday was a really sad day. I think we all just felt a little deflated."

The "Justified" writers' room is busy preparing for the show's fifth season, and Andron said knowing that Leonard won't get to see their work has been difficult to process.

"I think more than we even realized, we were aware that Elmore was out there watching it and kind of loving it, and I think the idea that he was no longer out there watching it was really hard for us to kind of wrap our heads around," he said.

But Leonard's influence and ear for dialogue will remain part of the series, as the writers include Leonard's literary flourishes in their scripts, Andron said.

"You can still have that subtext and all those great things, but have these guys who are on their way to go kill somebody and cleaning their guns talking about barbecue or whatever," he said about what he's learned from Leonard. "You kind of look for what is the most -- I'm sorry, what we use is 'fucked up and funny,' but that's what we do -- we look for what is the great situation where you can put a couple guys in where they start talking about whatever it is that is totally incongruous to the situation."

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