08/21/2013 04:32 am ET Updated Aug 21, 2013

Louis C.K. Talks Seeing His First Dead Body On 'Late Show With David Letterman' (VIDEO)

Louis C.K. is the master of uncomfortable and awkward storytelling. He's built a stand-up career around it, and has elevated awkwardness into an art form on his hit FX show, "Louie." So it wasn't a huge surprise that he dropped such a bizarre talk show story during his visit to "Late Show."

The comedian said that he was taking his boat for a spin on the East River in New York this past summer when he heard a Coast Guard report over the radio about a dead body in the water. It was like something out of his show, because seconds after hearing the report, he looked out of his boat and -- of course -- he spotted the man. It was his first time seeing a dead person.

“It was creepy and weird, and I felt embarrassed for him a little bit," C.K. admitted. "I felt, you know, all kinds of things. At one point I was like, I have my phone, but I don’t want this [guy's picture] in my phone. I don’t want a dead guy.”

Instead, he called the Coast Guard and waited for them to arrive. Once they got there, he asked if they needed him to stick around -- they told him they had no idea why he was still there. And this wasn't the first time his boat has put him into uncomfortable situations. Last year, his yacht got stuck in mud on the Harlem River.

At least things are going much better for Louis C.K. in his professional life. He's up for an impressive seven Emmys at this year's show, and he's getting rave reviews for his work in the ensemble of Woody Allen's "Blue Jasmine," in theaters now.

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