08/21/2013 12:13 pm ET Updated Oct 21, 2013

Mike Epps Talks George Zimmerman And Richard Pryor (VIDEO)

By Peter Bailey

The brightest comic will grudgingly admit that their most memorable jokes are inspired during the darkest moments.

So are we ready to make Zimmerman the fodder for comedic therapy?

Mike Epps thinks so.

"It's been really fresh in the media so it's been hard for me to crack jokes about," said Epps. "But I still found a couple of jokes people are gonna like."

On this recent Sunday night, sharing a NiteCap onstage at his sold-out show inside the Miami Improv he decided to test his theory.

"The reason why Zimmerman is so fat is because he hasn't been able to come out the house," affirmed Epps. "He's been sitting in the house eating everything."

Classic Epps, but more reminiscent of the comedic icon Richard Pryor he's gearing up to immortalize in the upcoming Nina Simone biopic.

"I have much props for Richard Pryor the Wizard for paving the way for us," said Epps.

He's confident his fans who pack venues nationwide will enjoy his transition from stand-up to more dramatic acting roles.

"Most of my audience members have been following me for so long that they're gonna transition with me," says Epps.

So who makes him laugh?

"Regular people. I really get a laugh out of just everyday normal folks. I think everyone's funny, but everyone doesn't have a set-up delivery punch line."

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