08/21/2013 12:41 pm ET

NBC Fears Hillary Clinton's Reaction To Planned Miniseries: Report


NBC may be hesitating over its plans for a Hillary Clinton miniseries due to fear of the former secretary of state herself, according to the Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday.

The project, which is slated to star Diane Lane as Clinton, has been a huge headache for NBC since it was announced last month. The Republican National Committee even voted to boycott NBC News along with CNN, which is planning its own production about Clinton, during the 2016 GOP debates.

Now, the Hollywood Reporter has suggested that NBC could be just as concerned about the Clintons' reactions to such a project. The publication cited their "penchant for grudges," and Hillary Clinton's near-boycott of an MSNBC debate in 2008 over David Shuster's comment that Chelsea Clinton was being "pimped out" during the campaign.

"The Clintons are the ones to worry about," one source told THR. "Who needs those headaches?" Read the full story here.

NBC stressed in a statement last week that the miniseries is "in development," meaning that a script is being written, but that it may actually never be made.



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