08/21/2013 03:05 pm ET

Soledad O'Brien's Latest 'Black In America' Series Highlights Education Gap

Soledad O'Brien has seen a great deal of success with her documentary series "Black In America." The award-winning franchise has attracted national attention and sparked in-depth discussion about race in the United States. Now, O'Brien is taking the conversation a step further with the latest installment in the series exploring the country's education gap.

The episode, titled "Great Expectations," aims to shed light on the ongoing discrepancy in America's public education system, specifically as it relates to young African American boys in a low income area of Minneapolis. The documentary also explores the controversial charter school system as O'Brien talks to experts who are both for and against the change in public education.

The installment, which airs on CNN Friday, August 30th, is sure to get people talking as it digs deeper into the way in which young black males learn and explores differing methods of closing the race gap in education. It also revisits the ongoing charter school vs. public school debate which has caused controversy in cities like Chicago and Washington D.C.

O'Brien has hosted five documentaries in CNN's "Black In America" series. Although she is no longer a regular host on the network after it was announced that a new morning show would replace "Starting Point," she is still working with CNN as a roving documentary reporter.



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