08/21/2013 11:36 am ET

Weirdest Things Found On Planes Revealed In Survey

A "box of dried fish?" Travel website SkyScanner released results of a survey in which they asked flight attendants to name the wackiest things they've found on planes after passengers disembark. Some of their highlights:

Prosthetic leg (How DO you forget that?)
One egg without packaging (Who packages singular eggs anyway?)
A box of dried fish (What IS dried fish?!)
Glass eye (Ok. We're officially disturbed.)
Bag of onions (This one's actually understandable. Sometimes airplane meals need a kick.)
Live parrot (Creepy.)
Bag of diamonds (That's not weird. That's AWESOME.)

In the realm of typical items, 24% of crew members reported having found a lost passport, 23% have come across a forgotten phone, and 21% have found books. Get it together, air travelers.

This isn't the first time flight attendants have shared their bizarre experiences. In 2011, Virgin Atlantic asked its crew about the weirdest requests they've gotten from passengers. Their favorite questions included:

"Can you show me to the showers?"
"Is there a McDonald's onboard?"
"Could you turn down the engines? Because they are too noisy."
"Can you help me find my glass eye?" that's where the glass eye came from.



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