08/22/2013 01:22 pm ET Updated Aug 23, 2013

Cory Booker Does Stand-Up Comedy In Philly, Results Are Mixed (VIDEO)

Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark and Democratic candidate for U.S. senate from the state, tried his hand at stand-up comedy on at the annual Stu Bykofsky Candidate Comedy Night in Philadelphia. And while we applaud Booker's efforts to champion the middle class, let's just say he seems more comfortable shoveling old ladies' sidewalks than headlining at The Improv.

He tackled high tolls:

"Some people ask, why did George Washington cross the Delaware in a boat? Because even back then, the tolls were too damn high."

And sports rivalries:

"I have a profound respect for the Phillies. ...I want to tell you that I, Cory Booker, have played just as many games for the Philadelphia 76ers as Andrew Bynum."

He also made a few jokes about his friendship with Chris Christie, the Republican governor of his home state.

The venue was perhaps an unusual one for Booker. The night, organized by the flamboyant Philadelphia Daily News columnist Bykofsky, was a fundraiser with proceeds going to children with disabilities. It featured five local political politicians, and Booker. The mayor was invited by his friend George Norcross, a powerful Philadelphia Democrat.

As any stand-up will tell you, going onstage and telling jokes is no easy task, so at least Booker isn't afraid to do the dirty work. Watch the video above to see a condensed version of his stand-up set.

(via The Wall Street Journal)



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