08/22/2013 02:18 pm ET Updated Aug 27, 2013

Darwin Goode, Utah Man, Allegedly Told Cops He Sells Drugs To Feed His Grandchildren

Utah County Police

A Utah man who was arrested for allegedly running a methamphetamine lab in a "home full of children" told police that he sells drugs to feed his grandkids.

Darwin Goode was one of seven people arrested at a Provo, Utah, home this week. Authorities told KSL that they discovered meth and paraphernalia during a search of the house. They also found eight children under age 14, whom police worry might have been exposed to the drugs.

"He was looking at it as a form of income to support the family," Lt. Phil Murphy, of the Utah County Major Crimes Task Force, told the station. "[It's] a sad situation where you have children in the home who can't make the decision to be there."

Goode's wife and two daughters were among those arrested in the raid. Goode faces felony distribution charges. According to KRDO, all seven suspects face child endangerment and meth possession charges. The children are now in protective custody.

Sadly, this isn't the first time a grandfather has been allegedly caught selling methamphetamine.

In September 2012, Donald Madrid, 74, was arrested for allegedly dealing meth out of his California home. According to CBS Sacramento, neighbors were shocked to see narcotics agents and a SWAT team storm the man's Valley Springs home, as the only thing Madrid was known for selling out of his home was the occasional rug.



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