08/22/2013 11:35 am ET

George P. Bush Supports Defunding Obamacare


One of the youngest faces in the Bush family has made it clear that Obamacare should be defunded.

Texas land commissioner candidate George P. Bush spoke out Wednesday evening against the Affordable Care Act. The Dallas Morning News reports that the son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) supports the stance of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), calling the law "a monstrosity."

“I agree with this effort to defund it, or keep Texas out of the program unless we can modify it to a Texas-specific solution,” Bush said in the Dallas suburb of Addison, according to the paper.

Bush's comments come one day after protesters disrupted Cruz' Dallas town hall speech, who has upped his campaign against Obamacare over recent weeks. The hecklers charged "you have health care, we should too!"

"They should have health care and Obamacare is causing more and more people struggling to climb the economic ladder to lose their health care," Cruz responded.

Back in March, George P. Bush announced that he was entering the 2014 Texas land commissioner race. The Associated Press noted that position is a powerful under-the-radar post, which current Lieutenant Gov. David Dewhurst held before reaching higher office.



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