08/22/2013 09:41 am ET

March On Washington Anniversary Quiz: Was This Said In 1963 or 2013?


2013 has been filled with racially charged moments. From the Zimmerman Trial to stop-and-frisk laws, race relations and the progress of Black America has come to the forefront of conversations all over the country.

This year, as we commemorate the 50 year anniversary of the "March on Washington For Jobs & Freedom" and a new march mobilizes, many questions rise about how far we have come.

We decided to select a few quotes and statements made in 1963 and in 2013, mix them up and remove the speaker's name to see if readers would be able to distinguish statements made 50 years ago and statements made today.

Take our quiz below to see if you can tell which statements were made in 1963 and which statements were made in 2013.