08/22/2013 05:35 pm ET

Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem Back On Same Movie Set For 'The Counselor' (TRAILER)

Madrid, Aug 22 (EFE).- Spain's Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, who got their start on the big screen together two decades ago, are back on the same film set once again, this time for Ridley Scott's "The Counselor."

The celebrity couple, who got married in 2010 and have two children, including a newborn, will not share any scenes during this latest picture, which is based on a Cormac McCarthy novel.

They first met as co-stars of the low-budget 1992 Spanish comedy/drama film "Jamon, Jamon" when they were virtual unknowns.

Years later, after becoming major Hollywood stars, they worked together on Woody Allen's 2008 film "Vicky Cristina Barcelona," for which Cruz won a best supporting actress Oscar.

Bardem had won the Oscar for best supporting actor the year before for his role in the Coen brothers' "No Country for Old Men," which was also based on a McCarthy novel.

"The Counselor," some scenes of which were shot in different parts of Spain, will premiere in the fall.

The film stars Michael Fassbender in the lead role and also features Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz.

Bardem, who plays the movie's villain, Reiner, will sport another curious hair style just as he did in "No Country."

"The Counselor" tells the story of a respected attorney (Fassbender) whose life spirals out of control when he gets involved in drug trafficking as a quick fix to his financial problems.



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