08/22/2013 03:35 am ET

'Teen Wolf' Tyler Posey Guests On 'The Exes' As A Law Student Who Falls For Holly (VIDEO)

"Teen Wolf" fans slipping into withdrawal, now that the hit show has aired its mid-season finale, got another chance to check out Tyler Posey on "The Exes." Even better for many fans, they got another chance to check out his abs.

Posey portrayed Eric, a law student that Holly offered to tutor. But things took an unexpected turn after Eric spilled coffee on himself. Holly ran to grab a towel, but returned to find that Eric had found his own solution to the wet shirt problem. He simply took his shirt off.

Holly was flabbergasted by the sight. Eric calmly walked up to her and took her glasses off. "What do you think?” he asked her.

“I think you get an 'A' in abs," Holly responded before the two started making out. Things were going great, until Holly met Eric's mom and discovered that she and Eric's mom looked and sounded almost exactly alike. That was a little too creepy.

Entertainment Weekly's Maricela Gonzalez thought the timing of this guest spot was perfect, as that "Teen Wolf" summer finale aired this past Monday night. And Kristen Johnston had nothing but praise for Posey, saying he reminded her of her "3rd Rock from the Sun" co-star, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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