08/23/2013 05:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Backpacks That Will Make You The Coolest Kid In School

There's still time to buy the most important item on your back-to-school shopping list: your backpack. For those of you who want to make the ULTIMATE entrance this year, see below for 10 of the coolest backpacks the Internet has to offer.

1. For all aspiring Time Lords.
tardis backpack
via etsy.com

2. Your dog will help your classmates feel less stress. Scientists say so.
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3. For the kid who breaks out the acoustic guitar at EVERY house party.
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4. For the first day.. and every day.
via Etsy.com

5. Excuse me, teacher, I mustache you a question.
via banggood.com

6. Easy way to find your fellow Sith.
star wars backpack
via Amazon.com

7. For people who don't like other people.
sonic backpack
Via ebay.com

8. For when you channel your inner-Ben Affleck.
batman backpack
via superherostuff.com

9. For the super-smooth athlete.
basketball backpack
via neatoshop.com

10. For the most badass kid in school.
scooter backpack
via Designboom.com