08/25/2013 06:00 pm ET

Overcame Your Eating Issues? We Want To Hear Your Story


One thing we talk about often at HuffPost Women is how many hours and how much energy most women have devoted at one time or another -- for some of us, daily -- to worrying about food and weight. We know the many, many reasons this is the case, from rampant fat-shaming to tabloids' critiques of female celebrities' bodies, from the way food is advertised for its emotional rather than nutritional value to the fact that we rarely see average-weight bodies on TV or in film, but that knowledge doesn't always make it easier to stop the self-criticism.

There are women who manage to do it, though. There are women who order the thing they want for lunch rather than the salad they "should" have, who don't ask themselves whether they really need the bread on that sandwich, who don't think that their bodies will betray them if they are not hyper-vigilant or that every pound over their ideal weight represents weakness or failure. We believe that there are women who eat when they're hungry, stop when they're full and enjoy food without feeling guilty afterward.

We need to hear more from those women.

If you are one of them, if you have managed to make peace with food, we hope you'll share how you did it. Send one or two paragraphs describing how you learned to feel good about eating and your body, whatever its size, to women@huffingtonpost.com. We'll publish your stories on the site, as proof that our relationships with food don't have to consume us.