08/27/2013 01:50 pm ET

Andrew Jenks' 'It's About A Girl' Episode 8

"It's About A Girl" is a new web series from filmmaker Andrew Jenks, charting the experience of looking for love in your twenties -- and what happens when your expectations don't quite match up to reality. This episode is the finale.

In the final chapter of "It's About A Girl," our protagonist's reality begins to catch up to his fantasies. In the fantasy, he nervously prepares to propose to his girlfriend. The scene is picture perfect and the outcome is predictably positive. In reality, a proposal doesn't come quite so quickly, but the lovelorn New Yorker takes a smaller risk and decides to sit down and start talking to a woman on the train. It might not be a fairytale ending, complete with a boat and a diamond ring, but it's equally as happy.

"I hope ['It's About A Girl'] is fun for people to watch -- a simple love story that hopefully you can relate to in some capacity," Jenks told The Huffington Post in July.

And watching the whole series through it's hard not to see yourself in some of the details. Your love life might not look shiny, glossy and perfect, but often the reality -- with all of its awkward moments, letdowns and quirks -- ends up being so much better.



Stills From Andrew Jenks' "It's About A Girl"