08/27/2013 04:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

CVS To Shorten Comically-Long Receipts After Internet Erupts


AOL employee buys pack of gum at CVS, gets 38-inch long receipt. (Matt Brownell/AOL)

CVS, the country’s largest pharmacy chain, announced Friday on its Facebook page that it will shorten the ExtraCare portion of its receipts by roughly 25 percent following a social media frenzy this month that poked fun at the company.

For the coupon fans among you, don’t worry -- the receipts will continue to have just as many coupons and rewards, the company said. Here’s the Facebook post:

Post by CVS.

The company became the butt of many a social media joke this month, when people started to post pictures on Twitter of the comically-long receipts. For example:

Or how about:

Anyway, don’t think that all CVS customers have tired of the practice. The company told last week that ExtraCare rewards are being redeemed at record levels.

(h/t redeye)