08/27/2013 01:28 pm ET

Damian Sutton Dead: 2-Year-Old Taken Off Life Support After Alleged Beating By Mom's Boyfriend (VIDEO)

Surrounded by his family, a two-year-old boy named Damian Sutton was taken off life support at Children's Hospital in Detroit on Tuesday morning, reported television station WJBK.

Police say the boy suffered a vicious beating at the hands of his mother's boyfriend, Ronald Anthony Dimambro, 26, who was reportedly babysitting the boy on August 21 at a home in Washington Twp., Mich.

According to a call Dimambro made to 911, which can be heard here, he suggested that the boy might have asthma. But CBS Radio says Dimambro, eventually turned himself in, admitting that he shook Damian roughly and threw him.

Had he lived, Damian would have had severe brain damage, doctors said. He had undergone emergency brain surgery earlier in the week on the right side of his skull to relieve some of the pressure directed toward his brain.

Timothy Sutton, Damian's father, told WWJ that he can't understand why Dimambro would have attacked the young child. “How did a 27-year-old man get so agitated by a 2-year-old boy to do this to him?" he asked.

Dimambro was being held on a $500,000 bond and is currently charged with first degree child abuse, although charges are expected to change now that the boy has died. His bond was revoked Tuesday morning by a judge.

Donations to help cover funeral costs and medical bills can be made at any Fifth Third bank nationwide or online here.



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