08/27/2013 08:45 am ET

Kate Moss' Instagram Account Is A Secret


We at HuffPost Style love Instagram -- models' and designers' accounts, especially. But there's one icon who's been conspicuously absent on our list of notables to follow: Kate Moss.

Yet it turns out the supermodel legend IS on the photo-sharing network, after all. In September's Interview magazine, which Miss Moss covers, she reveals she has a secret account. Here's how the conversation went down when Kate's interviewer noted her absence across social media:

INTERVIEW: Young models today are social-media stars. You don't have a Twitter account. That game is not for you.

MOSS: It's just a different generation, I think. That's how they communicate. That's what they do. All the kids do it. My daughter loves Instagram. I mean, I do Instagram but I've only got 25 followers.

INTERVIEW: I have a feeling if you told us your Instagram name, you'd get a few more followers when the issue comes out.

MOSS: Yes, but I don't really want anyone to know where I am. I don't want people to know what I'm doing. That's the complete opposite of what I feel like.

What do you think she shares? Yoga poses? Sultry selfies? Food photos? Shoe porn? Mani Monday?

Sigh. We suppose we should respect Kate's request for privacy... But if you need us, we'll be searching Instagram for various permutations of her name.

Picture these with the Valencia filter over 'em:

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