08/27/2013 02:54 am ET Updated Aug 27, 2013

'Mistresses': Karen's Deposition Results In Shocking Declaration (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Grey certainly didn't foresee Karen dropping an honesty bomb all over her deposition on the latest episode of "Mistresses." Against the advice of her counsel, and with an alibi ready and willing to lie and say he was with her, Karen instead decided to go the route of total honesty.

She admitted that she'd fallen in love with Elizabeth's husband, Thomas. She then admitted to prescribing him morphine, knowing that he intended to use it to end his life.

“I couldn’t stand the thought of him suffering," Karen said. "And when he asked me if I would help him end his own life, I said I would. But that call never came. I believe Elizabeth Grey ended his life.”

Elizabeth was outraged, and denied the claim. But Karen said that she knew what wrongs she had committed. Airing them during the deposition cleared her conscience. She doubted Elizabeth's conscience was so clear.

“Oh, Karen, it’s all well and good that you’re taking the moral high road in your battle against that ice-blonde beyotch Elizabeth Gray, but what’s the point when said road is leading straight to the state pen?!” asked TVLine's Michael Slezak. Will Elizabeth's conscience get to her, or did Karen just seal her doom?

Find out as "Mistresses" continues, Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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