08/27/2013 02:58 am ET Updated Aug 27, 2013

'Teen Mom 3' Premiere Introduces Four New Moms, Baby Daddy With Drug Problems Causing Problems (VIDEO)

If you've gotten tired of all those "Teen Mom" and "Teen Mom 2" girls, MTV has just the right recipe. They've plucked four new girls from "16 & Pregnant" and created "Teen Mom 3."

One of the new moms is Alex, whose boyfriend, Matt, has a drug problem. Matt, who is also the father of Alex's baby, was fresh out of rehab and moving in with Alex. He was supposedly ready to get his life back on track, but the broken trust between him and Alex immediately created suspicion.

“Matt, can I ask you something?” Alex asked. "You look very impaired.”

“F*cking no, dude," Matt insisted. Alex's mother jumped in, asking Matt if he had anything in his system as well, but he was adamant that he was clean.

“I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just letting you know what I see," Alex said. Hollywood Life's Kristine Hope Kowalski admitted that she's already looking forward to all the drama that's sure to come from Matt's drug issues.

And as The Stir's Jeanne Sager pointed out, it's easy to see why Alex would be suspicious of Matt. "Even Matt himself admits that rehab wasn't enough to change him, and it's obvious when he convinces Alex to hit up his old haunts where he used to buy drugs. He's obviously excited to see drug dealers all around them, even saying he's more comfortable out there in the bad part of town than he is at her house," she wrote. "Whether he was buying or not, he clearly doesn't have her or their daughter's best interests at heart.”

Meet the new moms -- and dads -- of "Teen Mom 3," Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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