08/27/2013 04:15 pm ET

The Tragedy Of Derek Jeter's Defense


For the third time this season, Derek Jeter is back. It's more of a tentative return than a triumphant one, since the 39-year-old's last two attempts to play led to rapid returns to the disabled list. But maybe this is the one when Jeter's balky lower body will prove capable of keeping him on the field for more than four games at a time. If it is, the .225/.286/.307 line that Yankees shortstops have produced might start to look slightly more respectable. Even an admittedly diminished Jeter, sans muscle strain, can be counted on to deliver a steady supply of opposite-field singles; aside from a low-BABIP blip in 2010, his bat has never been a source of concern. It's his glove that causes all the controversy.

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