08/28/2013 02:34 pm ET Updated 6 days ago

Japanese 'Bread Beds' Are A Delicious New Trend, Apparently (PHOTOS)

Have you ever bitten into a delicious pastry that's so fluffy, you just wish you could lie down in a bed made from layers of the stuff? No? Er, maybe that's just us. Well, regardless if you share this baked goods fantasy, you'll love these "bread beds," a hot new bedding trend that's blowing up in Japan.

Available on Japanese website Felissimo for approximately $170 each, you can buy a pillow in the shape of a piece of toast, snooze inside a croissant sleeping bag or tuck into a doughnut. Gamer website Kotaku translated the names of these treat-shaped housewares, and they literally mean things like "flop down in a chocolate nap." Don't mind if we do.

japanese bread beds

japanese bread bed

japanese bread bed

H/T Daily Mail

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