08/28/2013 12:13 pm ET Updated Sep 03, 2013

Toothpaste Can Replace Bathroom Cleaner, Jewelry Polish, Spackle And More

Toothpaste does wonders for your smile, but that's not all this staple can do. You can actually use a little bit of the paste in place of quite an array of household products. So, before you throw that tube away because you can't seem to squeeze out anymore paste, scroll through our list of swaps to see how a little drop can go a long way.

Bathroom Cleaner
You can clean chrome fixtures, the bathroom sink and shower doors by scrubbing a little toothpaste on the surfaces with a cloth.

Shoe Shine
Did your new kicks just get scuffed up and now are looking less than perfect? No worries, just polish some of the cream over the mark and voilà.

DVD Cleaner
Sometimes, the movie skips and it feels like you may never see the end of "Punch-Drunk Love." But not to fret, try buffing a dab of toothpaste on the readable side of the disc with a paper towel. Remember to do a good job wiping off the excess residue.

It's definitely not a permanent solution, but if you've got a hole in your wall thanks to a nail, you can use it to fill it up.

Headlight Cleaner
We didn't believe this was true until a Reddit user uploaded photo of how far covering the entire headlight in toothpaste and then wiping it away can go.

Jewelry Polish
Chances are you don't have silver cleaner for your nifty vintage ring. So, just work a little paste into the jewelry, rinse it off and it should sparkle. This will also work on silver decor.

No, you can't bathe in this stuff -- well you could, but you shouldn't. Instead, rub your hands with some after working with onions or garlic to get rid of the smell.

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