08/29/2013 04:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

14 Celebrities On Late Night Talk Shows, Then And Now (PHOTOS)

Bill Murray is stopping by David Letterman's show for the 20th anniversary of "Late Show" at CBS this evening. Why is this significant? Back in 1982, Murray was Letterman's very first guest on NBC's "Late Night." Letterman was hardly a household name, and Murray was only slightly more famous, having left "Saturday Night Live" a few years earlier and only beginning his film career.

His appearance tonight is bound to remind viewers how far the modern late night talk show has come. To demonstrate, we've paired some celebrities with their early talk show appearances and their more recent ones. Who do you think has come the furthest?

Bill Murray

Miley Cyrus

Bill Maher


Howard Stern

Lindsay Lohan

Jim Carrey

Claire Danes

Johnny Depp

Robin Williams

Roseanne Barr

Will Ferrell

Jerry Seinfeld

Steve Harvey