08/29/2013 07:07 pm ET

Denver Fast Food Strike Turns Out Over 100 Protestors

"We can't survive on $7.25" read some of the signs outside a Northglenn McDonald's near West 104th and Huron Street.

Denver-area fast food workers joined in calling for $15 an hour and the right to form a union without retaliation or unfair labor practices.

"In Denver, there are 41, 849 fast food workers," Corrine Fowler, economic justice director for Colorado Progressive Coalition told The Denver Post. "They are unable to put food on their tables, they are unable to pay all of their bills and so as a result they are on food stamps, they are on safety net programs."

Over 100 people demonstrated at McDonald's Northglenn location chanting, "Hold your burgers, hold your fries, make our wages super sized."

Organizers say the median wage for fast food workers is actually $8.84 but say than an adult with just one child needs $20.95 an hour to afford basic needs.

According to KDVR, this is the first fast food strike for Denver.

Low-wage workers took to the streets in over 50 U.S. cities ahead of Labor Day.