08/29/2013 08:31 am ET Updated Sep 18, 2013

Kim And Lexi Stolz Show Off Their Amazing New York City Apartment (PHOTOS)

When we first saw "America's Next Top Model" contestant Kim Stolz's New York City apartment in a New York Times article it definitely looked like a living space of a 26-year-old. With collections from a young Stolz her roommate and her parents, the home was a bit eclectic. But fast forward four years and we were lucky enough to visit the now 30-year-old's home that she's shared with wife Lexi Stolz (nee: Ritsch) since 2011 -- and boy, have things changed.

Although the address remains the same, the rent-stabilized (yes, you read that correctly) apartment that's been in Stolz's family since 1976 is completely different. The newlyweds, who were married in June, have transformed the two-bedroom penthouse into a home that combines both of their styles beautifully. "When I first moved in here, we kind of had a smörgåsbord of weird things we both had," Lexi told us. "And then, we really took an effort to make it ours together. So almost everything in here is new."

Including the amazing leather couch from Restoration Hardware, stunning wedding china from Barneys and the incredible artwork they've collected from around the world. But don't think these two are only about high-end design. Many of the pieces in their house, including the wooden living room table, which Kim says is the epitome of their style, they've found on Etsy and in thrift markets. "Our style is like Restoration Hardware with a weird element of Ralph Lauren," said Kim.

Of course, like in any good relationship, both came with a few things the other really didn't care for, like Lexi's IKEA cabinet and Kim's green dresser that her wife insisted on painting white. But at the end of the day, the two are just focused on what each piece brings to their lives and space. "[Your home] is where you live, where you sleep. So, if you feel like something's not really going -- even if you spent a thousand dollars on it last year, get rid of it," Kim said. "Get things that you're really excited about because your quality of life is going to increase if you feel really good about everything in your apartment."

Well, seeing how these two look at each other, they're likely pretty happy with their home decor choices, because their quality of life seems really, really great.

Scroll through our slideshow to see their fantastic apartment. All photos by Raydene Salinas. Props provided by HomeGoods.

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