Man In Cow Costume Stole Steak: New Zealand Police

Don't have a cow, man; he's just here for the steak.

A thief in a cow 'onesie' allegedly stole an unspecified number of porterhouse steaks from a food store in New Zealand on Aug. 23, according to police.

Sound weird? Sure, but probably not as weird as a police spokesperson's assertion that onesies aren't uncommon items of clothing in New Zealand.

According to APN, a police spokesperson said that "because onesies were not an uncommon item of clothing... the offender was 'probably not intending to look like the beef they were stealing.'"

The offender allegedly hopped in a red car with two accomplices and fled the scene. No one caught the plate number, so the suspects are still out there.

As funny as it is to imagine a guy in a cow suit grilling up a porterhouse steak, meat thieves have been known to steal choice cuts for resale.

At least the New Zealand suspect dressed for the occasion. In July, a Louisiana man was arrested after gracelessly stuffing steaks in his pants and attacking a grocery store employee, according to police.



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