08/29/2013 01:05 pm ET

Phelan Silas, Utah Man, Filmed Allegedly Attacking Teen With Axe

A Utah man faces aggravated assault charges after police say he swung an axe at a teenage boy. The boy received minor injuries in the alleged attack, which was filmed by a neighbor.

Witnesses say Phelan Silas, 23, went home and grabbed an axe following an argument about the boy's driving. In raw footage of the incident, Silas can be seen swinging the axe at the boy twice.

“For the first one, he ducked out of the way pretty good,” a neighbor who withheld his full name told KSL. “If he wouldn’t have, he would have had major injuries to his body.”

Police told the station that the boy received minor injuries to his hand while trying to duck Silas' second swing. Witnesses said the boy's friends then stepped in and fought Silas off, breaking up the fight until police arrived.

This isn't the only axe attack to make news recently. In July, a university student in India suffered a head wound after being attacked with an axe by another student, but survived.

Oddly, in the United States, sword attacks seem to be more common. In August, a New Hampshire man was arrested after allegedly chasing his neighbor with a 36-inch sword.

Earlier in the month, a St. Cloud, Fla., man was arrested after allegedly stabbing his daughter in the chest with a souvenir sword from Medieval Times.



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