08/30/2013 06:31 pm ET Updated Jul 28, 2014

Ethan Hawke Says John Leguizamo Would Have Bigger Career Than Brad Pitt In A 'Fair' World

Ethan Hawke has a very different concept of what Hollywood would be like “if the world were a fair place.”

In an interview with HuffPost Voces, the 42-year-old actor spoke about his new action thriller “Getaway,” upcoming projects and even Latino participation in Hollywood. In fact, Hawke went as far as to say John Leguizamo merited a more successful career than some of the industry’s biggest names.

With an acting career that began at the tender age of 14, Hawke is a certified Hollywood veteran best known for classics like the “Dead Poets Society” and “Training Day.” And his career has no end in sight.

When asked about working with Leguizamo in the upcoming modern adaptation of “Cymbeline,” the actor revealed he thought the Latino star’s talent made him worthy of a more successful Hollywood career.

“John Leguizamo, if the world were a fair place he would have a bigger career than Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. He's funny, he's great looking, he's smart," Hawke said about the Colombian-American actor.

But Leguizamo isn’t the only Latino that has impressed the “Getaway” actor along his career. In the past, Hawke worked with Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón in “Great Expectations” and recounted his positive experience on set.

“That was also a great project. I like him [Cuarón] and others like González Iñárritu, Guillermo del Toro and Robert Rodríguez,” the actor told HuffPost Voces. “There should be more Latino participation in Hollywood.”

In “Getaway,” Hawke also shared the screen with Selena Gomez -- who recently spoke about getting in touch with her Mexican roots. Both began their careers at a very young age, though the actor admitted he would not like to be in the 21-year-old actress’ shoes in this day and age.

“It’s interesting how kids her age know very well who they are and who they want to be, who is important to them. It’s an exciting age and a bit scary too. You know?," the actor added. "I don’t really envy her. She of course works very hard, but it’s a complicated world she lives in, to be under the spotlight for so long. Things have changed a lot and anything that someone does now can reach unimaginable proportions. It’s very difficult for them to keep a balanced life, but she’s doing a great job.”

“Getaway” opens in theaters today nationwide.



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