08/30/2013 11:23 am ET

Jim McMahon Talks Concussion Settlement On The Dan Patrick Show (VIDEO)

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon, one of the thousands of plaintiffs in the concussion-related lawsuits filed against the NFL, joined The Dan Patrick Show on Friday morning to discuss the proposed $765 million settlement.

"All these guys who are suffering along with me are finally going to get some relief. A lot of these guys are way worse off than I am," McMahon said. "When we're playing we don't think about long-term things. I always knew that my body would be beat up. My shoulders, my knees, my back, stuff like that. But nobody ever mentioned the head. I think that's what brought this lawsuit about."

McMahon spoke about his own personal health problems, including his battles with dementia and suicidal thoughts. The 54-year-old who retired after the 1996 season told Patrick that he is no longer feeling "sharp pains" in his head or having "thoughts of suicide" thanks to medical treatment.

Later in the interview, McMahon suggested that the team doctors during his time in the NFL weren't always provided optimal care for injured players

"I don't think they were looking out for our best interests, that's for sure," McMahon told Patrick. "I saw a lot of guys over my career that you now probably shouldn't be playing football but were out there."




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