08/30/2013 04:14 pm ET Updated Aug 30, 2013

Kurt Russell Offered 'Fast 7' Role Initially Pegged For Denzel Washington


The "Fast and Furious" franchise might have gotten a little more Stuntman Mike. According to Variety, Kurt Russell is negotiating with Universal to star in "Fast Seven," where he would play an undisclosed role that the studio initially pegged for Denzel Washington. (As Deadline.com reported on Aug. 1, Washington had turned down the role.)

Little else is known about Russell's involvement, but it's expected that the part would carry over to the eighth film in the series -- something that would mimic what Universal did with Jason Statham's "Fast and Furious Six" cameo. (Statham is set up as the villain in "Fast Seven.")

Russell is an action veteran, having starred in "Escape From New York," "Big Trouble in Little China," "Tango and Cash," "Tombstone" and "Executive Decision," among other films. He also played the aforementioned Stuntman Mike in Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof," a section of the Tarantino-Robert Rodriguez "Grindhouse" experiment in 2007. "Death Proof" focused on a stunt man who used his indestructible car to murder innocent women.

More on Russell's "Fast and Furious 7" negotiations can be found at Variety. James Wan will direct the film, which is set for release next summer.

[via Variety]

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