08/30/2013 06:37 pm ET

Community Comes Together To Find Lost Dog Who Spent 65 Days In The Desert (VIDEO)

Two months after a devastating accident, things recently took a turn for the better for a Phoenix, Ariz., woman.

Rose Sharman was gravely injured in late June when one of her RV's tires blew out on Interstate 17, CBS reports. The resulting crash killed one of her dogs and left the other one missing.

[Ily] went through the windshield and ran,” Sharman told ABC.

Her year-old pup Ily, short for 'I love you,' took off into the desert and Sharman, bedridden from her injuries, was unable to search for her.

That's when her amazing community stepped in. After hearing Sharman's story, over 100 local volunteers launched a search around the crash site.

"If my dog was missing, I would want the world out looking for her," volunteer Sherry Petta told CBS.

The team set up a humane trap in an abandoned building a few miles from the crash site after sighting two dogs in the area. On Monday, more than two months after their search began, they got the visit they were hoping for.

“I told them to send me a picture,” Sharman told ABC, “I couldn’t believe it was her.”

Ily had lost 25 pounds and was dehydrated, but she's now back home with Sharman where they are both recovering.

And the happy ending doesn't end with Sharman and Ily. The dog that was seen accompanying Ily was identified by his collar and has also been reunited with his original owner.

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