09/02/2013 11:01 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Proof That September Issues Haven't Really Changed In 120 Years

Vogue debuted in December 1892 and presented its very first September issue in 1893. As the start of autumn, September signaled the beginning of fall fashion even back then, although you wouldn't know if from the stark magazine cover.

But very quickly, the September covers began to reflect Americans' excitement for fall shopping. The color palettes, typefaces and catchphrases may have changed over the decades; but in the 120 years since Vogue put out its first big September issue, the overwhelming message that September is synonymous with shopping has pretty much stayed the same.

Below, a look back at how the all-important September issue has evolved over the twelve decades, from 1893 to 2013 (minus the elusive 1903 cover).

Vogue, September 1893:

september issues

Vogue, September 1913:

september issues 1913

Vogue, September 1923:

vogue 1923

Vogue, September 1933:
vogue september 1933
Vogue, September 1943:

vogue september 1943

Vogue, September 1953:

vogue september 1953

Vogue, September 1963:

vogue september 1963

Vogue, September 1973:

vogue september 1973

Vogue, September 1983:

vogue september 1983

Vogue, September 1993:

september vogue 1993

Vogue, September 2003:

vogue september 2003

Vogue, September 2013:

vogue september 2013

See more gorgeous old covers:

Vintage Vogue Covers

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