09/02/2013 11:06 am ET

Woman Moons Cell Phone Store During Refund Battle, Yells 'Say Cheese!' (VIDEO)

A Detroit woman was caught on camera vandalizing a cell phone store and then mooning the clerk because she couldn't get her son's phone refunded.

The cellular shout-fest began when the woman -- who identified herself as Stephanie to WXYZ -- entered the store and started throwing things. A clerk, who was behind bullet-proof glass in the shop, started filming the incident.

Stephanie told the station that she was upset because her son's $200 phone was outdated and damaged. The clerk argued that she didn't bring the phone in before the 7-day policy for refunds was up.

"Take everyone’s [expletive] money!" Stephanie said while knocking down signs. "Take it!"

Off camera, Stephanie allegedly used a knife to damage the bullet-proof glass, CNET reports. Before another woman pulled her out of the store, Stephanie turned around, lifted her dress and mooned the camera.

"Say cheese!" she yelled.

She later told reporters that she was justified because the phone was damaged and her money was "up in the air."

The store happens to be right next to a police department. The clerk said he plans to pursue charges against Stephanie, according to the New York Daily News.



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