09/03/2013 05:04 pm ET

Australian Plane Crash-Landing In Field Captured Via Cockpit Video

A young Australian student learning how to fly got more than he bargained for when his plane crash-landed in mid-August.

Video of the incident, posted to YouTube Monday by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, features the 18-year-old student, Josh Matica, in his first flying lesson. Piloting the plane is 22-year-old Doug Field, who remains remarkably calm after the plane loses power at an elevation of 1,100 feet.

Attempts to restart the plane fail, leaving Field and Matica with precious seconds to locate a suitable spot to crash-land. Recalled Field to ABC, "We're at 1,100 feet, we've got about a bit under two minutes before we're going to hit the ground at this point in time."

After a panic-inducing several minutes, Field guides the Jabiru J-170 aircraft into a field, narrowly missing a small shed in the middle.

Remarkably, Australia's The Courier-Mail reports no one was injured in the accident.

WATCH the video, above. (NOTE: Video has no audio).