09/03/2013 04:49 pm ET

Max Papis Slapped: NASCAR Driver Attacked By Opponent's Girlfriend After Camping World Truck Series (VIDEO)

NASCAR driver Max Papis found himself on the receiving end of a vicious smack shortly after the final lap at the Camping World Truck Series on Sunday.

During the race, the Italian veteran made contact with driver Mike Skeen as the two battled for third place behind 17-year-old Chase Elliott. The tensions between the two intensified after the cool down lap when a member of Skeen's crew reached into Papis' truck. Later a woman identified as Skeen's girlfriend slapped Papis after his TV interview, per Sporting News.

"This crazy lady comes shouting at me, and I had no idea, didn't even understand her, she just started shouting," Papis told "And all the sudden, she took a full hand and she slapped me so hard. I'm not kidding. My jaw got dislocated and my left ear is still ringing, big time."

Despite also tweeting that his "jaw was dislocated," Papis later backtracked on Twitter.



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