09/03/2013 08:51 am ET Updated Nov 03, 2013

Mobile Meth Lab Discovered In Hotel Room At Relax Inn Fort Lauderdale (VIDEO)

Things you shouldn't unpack in a hotel room: a mobile meth lab.

Police in Fort Lauderdale discovered a man cooking up the drug at the Relax Inn on Federal Highway Monday night after management intervened in a fight between guests.

After a loud argument disturbed the hotel, two men and a woman were asked to gather their things and leave the property, according to police. Officers arrived to escort the trio to their room to get their belongings, at which point the woman told officers that one of the men was cooking meth in their room.

Sure enough, police found a small meth lab set up inside. One of the men was arrested as other guests were evacuated and the DEA's Clandestine Lab Team was summoned to secure the lab and its toxic contents.

A woman who lives behind the hotel said it has "a lot of prostitution and drug related -- a lot of traffic in and out, especially around the holidays.

"It's crazy because I know that's a lot of chemicals and my children's room is right there in the back of the hotel, so it's pretty scary," she told WSVN.

Meth labs, which are highly volatile, have recently been discovered inside a flat bed truck, on an elementary school playground, and accompanying a passenger in a Chicago taxi cab.



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