09/03/2013 12:48 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Nikolai Alexeyev, Russian LGBT Activist, Makes Anti-Semitic Comments On Social Media

Leading Russian LGBT activist Nikolai Alexeyev appeared to go on an anti-Semitic rampage through his various social media outlets over the weekend, seemingly directing his rage at porn mogul Michael Lucas.

Alexeyev seemingly had a very public meltdown last week via social media (though some originally questioned if his accounts had been hacked) after Lucas published an op-ed in "Out" attempting to rationalize the Russian LGBT activist's strange behavior as of late, labeling him "The Kremlin's New Pocket Gay." The article paralleled Alexeyev's behavior with a situation in the 1980s when the Soviet government allegedly forced leaders in the Jewish community to support their anti-Jewish propaganda campaign.

Following this critical op-ed by Lucas, Alexeyev began retweeting other Twitter users' blatently anti-semetic comments directed at Lucas, calling him a "jewish pig, Israeli monkey" and calling "Out" "a jewish slut magazine that supports Jews and their filthy faggotry propaganda." The Russian activist then proceeded to make this claim:

Shortly thereafter, Alexeyev then tried to claim that all of the events, from his strange behavior on social media to abandonment of activism, were part of a social experiment.

Now, Alexeyev is apparently making anti-Semitic statements of his own, using offensive language to describe how he believes the "American Jewish Mafia" is spearheading an effort to discredit his work as an activist and involvement with the LGBT movement.

Alexeyev was previously asked to provide the keynote speech at the Human Rights First conference this week, but the organization retracted the invitation following his strange and unexplainable behavior on social media.

Alexeyev has been previously branded as anti-Semitic for comments he made in the past on social media, though nothing to the extent of his output over the last few days.

As noted by Americablog, the real irony here comes from the fact that American jews are some of the world's strongest LGBT allies.

What do you think is going on with Nikolai?



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