09/03/2013 11:25 am ET

9/2/13-9/8/13 Pollster Open Thread

This open thread is to review this week's polling, look ahead toward future elections or whatever else you want to talk about. The thread will remain open until the end of the week.

Below, a roundup of some of the polling on last week's biggest issues:

Most in US still oppose Syria strike as Obama seeks action (Ipsos/Reuters)
Syria Poll Finds Little American Support For Air Strikes (HuffPost/YouGov)
Americans Doubt Syria Airstrikes Will Accomplish Goals, Polls Find (HuffPost/YouGov)

Other National Topics
Drug Sentencing Poll Finds Most Oppose Mandatory Minimums (HuffPost/YouGov)

State/Local Topics
Murkowski Alaska’s Most Popular Public Figure (Hays)
First Term Troubles - Corbett's numbers continue to drop (Franklin & Marshall)