09/04/2013 07:21 pm ET Updated Sep 04, 2013

Aldon Smith And Delanie Walker, NFL Players, Named In Gunfight Lawsuit


San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith and former teammate, Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker, were both named in a lawsuit filed Tuesday by a California man who alleges he was “caught in the crossfire” during a gunfight involving the two players.

Ronndale Esporlas, 21, claimed he was shot twice during the incident and sustained “serious, catastrophic and permanent injuries,” according to the suit.

The alleged incident occurred during a large party thrown at Smith’s home in San Jose, Calif. on June 29, 2012, during which Smith was stabbed and two people were shot, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

According to the suit, the party began to spiral out of control. In an effort to end the event, Smith, Walker and others “appeared on the balcony of the house, brandished handguns, and began shooting in the air.”

Esporlas’ attorney, David Klaczek, wrote that Walker then moved onto the driveway where he “began firing a handgun in the air and toward others attending the party.” A group in the street allegedly returned fire and Esporlas was struck.

The Sacramento Bee reported that Smith had known the lawsuit was coming for some time.

"Things happen," he said Wednesday. "You've just got to focus on the things that you do. I'm focused on playing against Green Bay, and we'll see how it goes."

The 49ers also acknowledged the suit in a statement, saying the organization has been “aware of this matter concerning Aldon Smith for some time. We will continue to monitor the situation closely, but will have no further comment at this time, as this is an ongoing legal matter.”

The Titans did not offer comment.



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