09/04/2013 10:39 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Beyonce's 32nd Birthday: All The Reasons We Love The Singer In Gifs


Hip hip hooray, it's Beyoncé's 32nd birthday! And while she's soaking up the sun in Spain, we've decided to celebrate her three-decades-and-two-years of existence with a list of reasons she's so darn fabulous.

From her signature hair flip to her singular style there is so much to love. And thanks to the amazing magic of gifs we can witness her splendor on repeat.

With that said, check out the collection of gifs below for just a few of the reasons we adore Bey!

Short hair, don't care -- she can still do her famous flip!

Fierce and ferocious!

She's a certified fashion star.

We could watch her shoulder shimmy all day.

She's beautiful without a stitch of makeup.

She gave birth to a 5-alarm #wombfire!

We love their love.

No one has to teach her how to Dougie. She's a pro!

She's silly!

Her strut is sooooo serious!

She got a kiss from Kid President!

That side-eye.

She gave the World the "Uh-Oh" dance.

Her swagger is on one hundred thousand trillion!



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