09/04/2013 07:17 am ET

The Craziest Cab Laws You've Never Heard Of

You can barf in a cab, but it might cost you more than just the dry cleaning fee for your pants.

Taxi drivers in Key West have drafted an ordinance that would allow them to charge a $50 fine to anyone who vomits in their vehicle. Chicago, Austin and possibly St. Louis are in on it too.

Pretty smart, if you think about it. But rumors have long swirled about other taxi laws that aren't so outwardly brilliant, like the myth that British cabs are required to carry a bale of hay in their trunk. Turns out an old law said carriages had to carry enough feed for their horses, but the rule doesn't apply to modern taxis.

Another myth says that in Massachusetts, taxi drivers are forbidden from making love in the front seat during shifts. Thankfully (scratch that.. not thankfully), there doesn't appear to be such a rule on the books.

Some bizarre rules actually are written into law, however. For example, when entering a cab in London, you must tell the driver if you have an "identifiable disease."

And partiers will be happy to know that as a passenger in a Las Vegas taxi, you can freely guzzle alcohol from an open container.

Until pretty recently, you couldn't hail a cab in L.A. unless it was in a special taxi zone. Now you can!

Finally, in Queensland:

"A person driving a taxi is not required to wear a seatbelt while there are other passengers in the taxi."

...oook, Australia.



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