09/04/2013 07:12 pm ET Updated Sep 05, 2013

Desiree Macias, 7-Year-Old-Girl, Caught In The Crossfire In Car Shooting (VIDEO)

A 7-year-old girl took a bullet to the head during a car-to-car shooting early Wednesday morning, and her injuries are so severe that her family is preparing to remove her from life support.

"Her heart's pumping because it's on medicine. Her organs are only working because she's on the life support," said aunt Alicia Galvan to KTLA in a video interview later that day. "They're going to disconnect her; they're just waiting for the grandmother to get there."

The victim, identified by relatives as Desiree Macias, was with her family at a Mobil gas station in Palmdale, Calif. shortly after midnight when someone in their car had what investigators called "verbal contact" with passengers in a second car. The car Macias was in drove away from the station, but the suspects in the second car trailed them, firing at Macias' vehicle several times.

Macias' family was able to escape their attackers, only to discover that Desiree had been shot in the head. They stopped the car, pulled her out and called for help. Resident Ray Desepio described the heartbreaking scene:

"I just saw a mother holding her child, bleeding out on the sidewalk," said Desepio to NBC LA. "She was just screaming and screaming, 'My baby's been shot, she's been shot in the head.'"

Police eventually arrested three people in connection with the shooting. Because of Macias' critical injuries, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department switched the investigation over to homicide detectives.

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