09/04/2013 01:46 pm ET

The Franco Roast Jokes You Didn't Hear: Comedian Jesse Joyce Tweets The Rejected Gags (NSFW)


During the broadcast of every Comedy Central Roast, comedian and long-time roast writer Jesse Joyce tweets all of his jokes that didn't make it to the taping. Think you saw something that was too dark or too silly on the broadcast? Well, as a wise person once said, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Writers for the roasts spend weeks cranking out hundreds of jokes about the various personalities on the dais, so obviously, not all of them make it. Some just aren't as good as others, and some, well, some are just plain evil. Seeing what didn't get through gives us a unique window into the process (and, yes, there's actually a process to writing jokes).

Take a look at some of the bits that didn't make it to the show below and then wonder aloud with us why Jesse Joyce hasn't been on the dais himself yet. Come on, Comedy Central, give this man some stage time!

The Franco Roast Jokes You Didn't Hear