09/04/2013 12:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kelly Shibari, Adult Film Actress: I Asked My Mom's Permission To Do Porn (VIDEO)

Can a woman's relationship with her parents drive her to work in pornography?

Blogger and former porn actress Jessica Ketcham argued that parental relationships are a significant factor in why many women work in adult entertainment in a blog titled "Why Your Daughter Wants To Be A Porn Star." Ketcham joined HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill and a panel of women who work in the porn industry to discuss how parenting factors into the decision to strip down and work in adult film.

During the roundtable discussion, plus-size porn actress Kelly Shibari said her relationship with her mother played a big role in her decision to work in adult entertainment, but not in the way Ketcham's blog suggested.

"My story involves me actually asking my mom for permission before I got into the industry and not doing it because I wanted to do something that was rebellious and not doing it because I wanted to prove something," she said.

Shibari shared her experience of growing up in Japan, where she said sex is less taboo than in the United States and children are encouraged to embrace adulthood much earlier. Shibari said that her background makes working in porn easier because she feels comfortable making proactive decisions about her career.

"I was raised to behave like an adult, so even my current tenure in porn is full of me still making decisions. I don't do every scene that is asked of me. I don't do every sex act that's asked of me," she said. "In my case, because I do a lot of plus-size porn, I don't do things that perpetuate a negative stereotype with large women. I've turned down scenes where I've been asked to eat while having sex."

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